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Tyson Colman  is a singer / composer of Country and Country Rock Music. Raised on a small farm in Coomera, South East Queensland, Australia. Tyson has grown up with the true essence of Country Music, and this reflects in his highly emotive compositions. Tyson taught himself to play guitar when he was fifteen and began singing from the time he could talk. A strong baritone / tenor voice, now highly polished after five years of classical vocal training, he sings with a clean, unique quality that definitely makes you stop and listen.


In a career spanning twenty five years, Tyson has played every type of venue and crowd imaginable.
From small country halls and pubs, to being lead performer in a 23 million dollar stage production.

Tyson Colman performed at the inaugural Groundwater Country Music Festival, on th Gold Coast July 2018. The festival was attended by over 60,000 people.

In February / March 2017, Tyson travelled to the United States of America,
for a promotional tour. He performed at The Commodore Grille in Nashville, Tennessee.
Chief Records in Fort Worth, Texas and world famous Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville Tennessee.

Tyson has just released his new studio album, “Breaking Free ”. 11 new songs all written and co-written by Tyson.

From 2006 to 2009, Tyson was MC / Lead Performer and Pre Show entertainment at The Australian Outback Spectacular,
stage production at Movieworld on the Gold Coast.

Tyson has supported artists such as Tania Kernaghan and Troy Cassar Daley at the Bullriding International and
Country Music Spectacular 2008. Which was held on The Gold Coast.

Tyson has also shared the stage with some of Australia's finest Country performers, including:
Adam Harvey, Adam Brand, Sara Storer and The Bushwackers.

Tyson is a proud graduate of the "CMAA College Of Country Music 2000".

Currently, Tyson is providing his versatile vocal harmonies as a Session Singer for Kross Kut Records
on the Gold Coast. He has recorded Harmonies on more than seventy commercially released albums and EP's,
ranging from Traditional Australian Bush Ballad Singers, such as Glenn Jones, Terry Gordon OAM, and Lex K,
to more Contemporary Country Artists like Lloyd Back, Michelle Walker and Melissa Bajiric.

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